Winning conditionsEdit

The attacker wins when the enemy castle's HP is 0.

The enemy castle can be damaged by two ways:

  • direct damage: the castle can be damaged like any other buildings by troops.
  • breaking the ground: for each tile dropped, an amount of damage is inflicted to the castle. 

Loots Edit

Main concept Edit

  • When the attack succeeds, the whole island drops and 100% of the loot-able resources are looted.
  • When the attack fails, only the part of the island that dropped will be counted into the looted resources.
  • Loots available by the storages are reduced to 1/3 if destroyed with direct damage.

Details on loots Edit

Loots Requires winning? Penalities
Gold/Mana No Loots available in storages will be reduced to 1/3 if destroyed with direct damage.
Treasure chests No (including those open by Lock Hacker units) None
Fragments of Ascendite Yes -5 fragments on failure
Buildings/Tiles (spoils of war)



Game rules Edit

Routes Edit

  • Routes can be retraced until at least one unit is sent.
  • Routes must start from the outer tiles (displayed in green.)

Units / Spells Edit

  • The units sent will be reusable once they're done attacking in their route. (Spells are not.)
  • When all the units sent are done attacking, a fall down occurs.

Fall down rules Edit

  • When the ground is cut off, the part not connected to the castle will fall down.
  • At each fall down, an amount of damage relative to the amount of the tiles that falls down is inflicted to the castle.


Time limitEdit

There is a time limit of:

  • multiplayer: 3 minutes.
  • single play: 8 minutes.

The game will end when the time exceeds the limit.

Number of routesEdit

The attacker can trace 5 routes.

The game will end if the last route is finished.