Things you should consider when designing your island.

What to protectEdit

What you must protect in priority are:

  • The castle, because when the castle is destroyed you lose everything.
  • Gold storages, because you need gold to extend your kingdom.

Other things you might want to protect:

  • Mana storages, so you can train units and loot from other players.
  • Gold / Mana collectors, tough they usually don't contain so much resource.

How to protectEdit

Using defensive buildings and traps Edit

Obviously, defensive buildings and traps must be used to defend what you want to protect.

  • Build defensives buildings and traps.
  • Upgrade defensive buildings and traps so they become stronger.

Making the castle strongerEdit

The higher your castle' HP is, the more difficult the game will become because it will take more and more time to break the castle and time is limited.

  • Upgrade your castle as soon as you can.
  • Consider adding terrains whenever you can. It increases the castle's HP.

Placing in the centerEdit

In general, your castle should be placed in the center of the island, so that accessing it is not easy.

  • Avoid placing the castle near the outer tiles.
  • Consider redesigning your terrains so that many routes are necessary to access the castle.

Using walls, trees, storages as walls Edit

Walls, trees and storages have a high HP. They can be used to block tight passages and to make the attacker consume time.

  • Use walls and trees and storages to block tight passages.
  • If possible, redesign you terrains to push the attacker go on those passages.
  • Upgrade walls, trees and storages so they become even stronger.