Breakin' Grounds is a strategy game where the player enlarges his own kingdom, a floating island.


Except that the looting system is different, the game is similar to Clash of Clans in that the player will be trying to loot resources from other islands, including other offline players.

The main characteristic that makes this game unique and splendid, is the looting game-play which contains puzzle elements and requires more thinking. The attacker will attempt to loot resources by "cutting off" the ground. The resources contained in the broken ground of the island will be looted. To defend one's kingdom, one needs to customize and deform one's island in a form difficult to ”cut off” and strengthen the defensive buildings.

Availability / Platform

The game is published by CROOZ, Inc.. It was pre-released on 2014/8/12 for iOS in Sweden, then released worldwide on 2015/02/04.

  • iOS: available on the App Store
  • Android: N/A.

Recent updates

See here for a list of recent updates.