Recent updates Edit

Date Description
2015/02/04 Version 1.1.3 Update

Worldwide release.

2014/12/19 Version 1.1.2 Update

  • Chat function integrated. Communicate with the other kings of Breakin' Grounds!
  • Gem sales - x2 free gems for the first purchase!
  • Introduced a new terrain type. Metal Field has higher HP than ordinary terrain.
  • Modified character stats for Bomb Birds and Hammer Troopers with minor balancing.

[Bomb Birds]
Cost: 1->2
Attack radius: 1 terrain ->adjacent horizontal and vertical terrains.

[Hammer Troopers]
Cost: 1->2
Attack speed: doubled


  • Improved usability
  • Minor bug fixes
2014/11/25 Version 1.1.1 Update

  • Minor bug fixes
2014/11/19 Version 1.1.0 Update

  • The art design has been modified.
  • World Log feature has been added. Check other kingdoms' latest activities!
  • More missions have been added. Complete the missions and get more gold, mana and gems!


  • Improved usability
  • Minor bug fixes
2014/8/12 Pre-release in Sweden, Canada etc.

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